Welcome to choffers.com

CHOFFERS.COM is a private chauffeuring company specialized in private and exclusive transportation of passengers. We offer a range of services which include: transfer services (airports, train & bus stations), hourly rate services, excursions and events.
Our services are tailored to the client’s needs. And our top priorities include: punctuality, security, discretion and comfort.
Besides the above mentioned services, we also provide some value added services which will make your trip with us an unforgettable experience.

Besides offering you five star chauffeuring services, CHOFFERS.COM also provides other travel related or value added services designed to make your trip or stay unforgettable, which include: private escort or bodyguard, tour guide service, interpreter service, personal shopper service, leisure counselor, personal service assistant.

Presently, CHOFFERS.COM is operational in Spain with its headquarters in Madrid and seeks to expand to other countries in the near future.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a global reference in private transport and to stand out for quality, security and discretion in all our services. Also, we seek sustainable growth with our collaborators as a principal route for excellent services to our clients.

Our Goals

To achieve our vision of  becoming world’s leading chauffeur network, we have set ourselves some goals:

  • To reach-out to every country of the world.
  • To provide a fast, robust and innovative quoting system.
  • To create an innovative monitoring system during rides.
  • To provide the customer with the best offer & customer services.

Why are we different

Chauffeurs profiles are public

CHOFFERS.COM is the first chauffeur web portal, which publishes the profiles of its chauffeurs to the public. Providing the clients the opportunity if they want, to choose the chauffeur they want for their ride based on the chauffeur’s price, services, conditions, reviews & ratings etc.

Chauffeur autonomy

As oppose to our competitors, chauffeurs operating in our network create their profile pages on our website and decide what information to put on their profile pages within the framework of our terms and conditions. They decide on the services, prices, conditions etc.

Rating & review system

Another unique value preposition we offer to customers, which our competitors don’t is the rating and review system. With this system, you can actually see real comments about any particular chauffeur written by other customers. These comments, will help you in taking a decision as to which chauffeur to book. Hence, chauffeurs, aware of this become more diligent and offer their best to avoid negative comments on their profiles.

Save time

We understand time is of utmost importance to you. So we take out the hassle and save you the time of searching through the chauffeur profile pages on our website looking for the best chauffeur for your ride. How do we do it? Simple! Tell us what you need and we do the rest for you.

Our sales volume

As oppose to our competitors, huge sales volume is not what we’re out for. We rather prefer a small sales volume for which we’re able to control and offer an excellent services, than a huge sales, which we can’t control and offer bad customer services.

Number of chauffeurs in our network

For efficient and effective management, we work with very limited number of chauffeurs in our network. Because we have a total control over these limited number, we believe this will enable us provide 100% satisfaction to our customers.

Chauffeurs selected

Our day-to-day goal for every ride booked on our website is to provide a safe, discreet and comfortable ride. To achieve this goal we select the best chauffeurs in the sector. Also, we do constant checks and control to make sure chauffeurs follow our standards.

Real time monitoring system

We have a real time control of our system. Chauffeurs available, where, when etc. So you need not worry if something goes wrong with your booked chauffeur because we control the system and always have a plan B for such emergencies.

Customer services

Because customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities, we have a dedicated customer service team always there to respond to your needs. They will assist you with your online booking and other traveling needs. We speak English, French and Spanish. And we are available 24/7.


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What our clients say

El chófer que me traslado, estuvo en todo momento pendiente de que no me faltara nada, muy servicial y agradable.

Rosa CasadoMadrid

Ellos tienen chóferes muy profesionales. Su servicio de atención al cliente esta siempre pendiente de que todo salga bien. Lo recomiendo.

Carlos YelmoMadrid