General Information


CHOFFERS.COM is a global chauffeur portal which offers an innovative way to book chauffeurs via its website and app (soon to be launched). CHOFFER.COM does not provide its own vehicles but partner with local chauffeur companies and licensed independent chauffeurs. Hence, it serves as a market place, connecting passengers with a vast network of licensed chauffeurs.

The company was created because of the need for a single global chauffeur network and a smarter way for passengers to book and manage bookings. And since it’s launching in September 2016, the company now has more than 100 registered professional chauffeurs and many happy customers.

Besides offering you five star chauffeuring services, CHOFFERS.COM also provides other travel related or value added services designed to make your trip or stay unforgettable, which include: private escort or bodyguard, tour guide service, interpreter service, personal shopper service, leisure counselor, personal service assistant.

Which countries do you operate?

Presently, CHOFFERS.COM is operational in Spain with its headquarters in Madrid and seeks to expand to other countries in the near future.

Are your chauffeurs licensed?

Yes. The chauffeur companies or independent chauffeurs operating in our network are strictly selected and meet our requirements. We also carryout regular checks to ensure they are following our standards and are complying with the laws in the respective countries they operate.

Bookings, Amendments, Cancellations

How can I book a ride via the

There are two booking options:

Option 1: You search & book a chauffeur yourself.
Go to our directory page and search for a chauffeur. You can filter your search using the filter engine. Based on your needs, choose the chauffeur that best meet your needs. You will be redirected to his/her profile page where you can book your ride.

Option 2: We search & book a chauffeur for you.
Send us a price request with all your needs. We scout our network and find the chauffeurs that best meet your needs. They send us their prices for the ride. We select the best offer for you and send it to you for confirmation.
NB. This service is free!

Can I make an urgent booking?

Yes off-course. Let’s say you’re late to board your flight or late for a business meeting and you need a chauffeur urgently. In this case, we scout our network and look for the chauffeur closest to your departure point.

What types of vehicle can I book?

The vehicles you’d book range from normal to VIP cars and minivans. For more details about which vehicle to book, click here to see the fleet of cars in our network.

Can I request a specific model of vehicle?

Yes you can. Just include the details of the model you want in your request.

Can I request a child seat?

Yes you can. Please, indicate in your booking request.

Can I cancel my booking and how?

Yes. Send an email to:, requesting for cancellation. Please see our cancellation policy for more details.

How can I make changes to my booking?

Contact our customer services for any booking modifications or changes.  Go to contact page.

Are there coupons and how can I apply a coupon code?

Yes we offer coupons. Check our social sites for coupon updates.

Prices and Billing

Are prices fixed?

Yes all prices are fixed. And each chauffeur decides his/her price.

Where do I find the fare/price list?

On the chauffeurs’ profile page.

What additional costs might I be subject to?

Extra cost may include: extra luggage, baby seats, delays etc. You will have to check the chauffeur’s conditions.

Do I need to leave a gratuity?

That depends on you. Gratuity are accepted.

Your ride

How can I get in touch with my chauffeur?

You shall receive a booking confirmation email from us, which will include the chauffeur’s contact details.

What happens if my flight or train is delayed?

This is based on the chauffeur’s conditions. Some charge extra fee, others do not. Please, check on the chauffeur’s profile pages for more details on delays and other conditions.

How will I recognize my chauffeur at the airport or train station?

He or she will be waiting for you at the airport exit with a card board bearing your names. Most chauffeurs working with us are dressed  in black suit, white shirt, orange tie and an orange cap.

Is it possible to receive the contact details of my chauffeur by SMS?

Yes. Please, indicate in your request if you want us to send the booking confirmation by sms.

How do I claim property that has been accidentally left in a vehicle?

Contact our customer services.

How do I contact my chauffeur if the meeting point is unclear?

Contact our customer services and  as well, you can contact him/her directly.

My profile and access data

Why do I need to provide my name?

For our internal administrative purposes.

Why do I need to provide my email?

To receive quotes and booking confirmation or any other important information from us.

Why do I need to provide my mobile phone number?

To contact you quickly in case of any changes, modifications etc.

Is my data protected?

Yes. See our data privacy policy.