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Are you a chauffeur company or licensed independent chauffeur looking for more work?

Then join us and receive hundreds of booking request daily. As a leading global network of chauffeurs, joining our network offers you or your company more bookings, new clients and off-course more revenues.

CHOFFERS.COM is a Global Chauffeur Directory & Booking company based in Spain and expanding to other countries worldwide.

Our mission is serve as a meeting point between the passenger and the chauffeur and to ensure the passenger gets the best offer, a safe and comfortable ride to his or her destination. To achieve this, we partner with the best chauffeur companies or independent licensed chauffeur in different countries.

The chauffeurs operating in our network are strictly selected and meet our requirements. We also carryout regular checks to ensure they are following our standards and are complying with the laws in the respective countries they operate.

Presently, we’re are in more than 5 Spanish cities with our central office in Madrid.

Registration and quoting request
1. You will have to register to join our network. Fill the registration form on the left. Registration is free, however, you will need to meet up with our requirements. See the requirement section below.

2. Once you’re registered, we will create you chauffeur profile in our directory. For this, you will have to send us: a profile picture, short description about you, your price list and types of cars.

3. Once your profile is created, you will immediately start receiving price quotes from our clients via a price quote form on your profile. And if you’re interested in the work, send us your confirmation.

4. Your confirmation will be forwarded to the passenger for payment. Once the passenger makes payment, we shall inform you to go execute the ride.

Payments and commissions
The client pays us in advance for the trip via credit card or PayPal. And we pay into your bank account deducting 10% as our commission (which means you get 90% of the fare). Payment into bank account is only done once the ride is executed.

There are no costs associated with joining with us, and you are only charged a booking commission fee once you receive work and it’s executed.

Legal & Quality Control

We carryout regular checks to ensure that chauffeurs are meeting up or following our standards and are complying with the laws in the respective countries they operate. Chauffeurs not meeting up our standards or not complying with the laws will be removed from the network.

We also have a chauffeur rating system, which allows the passengers to rate chauffeurs on their behaviors, performance etc. Badly behaved and negatively rated chauffeurs will be removed from our network.

To join us, you have to be a licensed chauffeur company or an independent licensed chauffeur.

Required documents
You have to present copies of your authorization or license and other relevant accredited documents from the due authorities of the country you are operating. We shall check with your local authority to confirm authenticity and legality.

Safety and comfort is our top priority. Hence, your vehicle has to be in a technically perfect condition with regular exterior and interior cleaning.

Dressing style
All chauffeurs working with us are recommended to dress in black suit, white shirt, orange tie and a cap. Otherwise, the chauffeur needs to dress formally.

Last but not the least, we recommend chauffeurs have a basic knowledge of English.